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Financial relations and accounting

VAT reformation in agriculture The interrelation of insurance interest and insurance protection under the balance of demand and supply at the agrarian insurance market Conceptual foundations of formation of financial support of rural areas The problem of investment in Donbass agriculture Changing trends of tax control over transfer pricing in agro-industrial complex Added value tax improvement at the vegetables growing enterprises Foreign direct investments as the indicator of the investment attractiveness International analysis of the state financial support of agriculture producer Prospects of development of financial leasing in agriculture Potential sources of measures financing for reproduction of soil fertility The concept of forming the product of accounting in terms of agricultural business management Influence of social and economic institutes on the development of auditing and internal audit of innovative activity VAT-accumulation mode as an instrument of fiscal stimulus for agriculture production Strategic investment directions for the development agriculture of Ukraine The impact of the costs and selling prices on the efficiency of milk production on farms of Zaporizhia region Economic modelling of efficient use of working capital in the agricultural enterprises The basic sources of profit in the market economy Investment project efficiency of creation and functioning of agricultural enterprise Logistics expences on transformation and transaction in the crops and food subcomplex of AIC Investment activity in the agricultural enterprises of Cherkassy region Revenue basis of rural budgets under conditions of fiscal decentralization in Ukraine Operating leverage and production profitability: functional dependence The inventory and passport certification of resources of the agrarian business entities The monetary and fiscal policies under condition of budget deficit of Ukraine Investment lending to the agricultural sector Risks in Bank Crediting of Agricultural Enterprises Creating conditions for optimisation of the regulatory framework of using agrarian vouchers Ways of overcoming of budget deficit Agroinsurance as a risk management tool in agriculture Unification of accounting policies as a factor of the financial statements of the agricultural enterprises Models of insurance policy within the framework of agricultural insurance Reforms of the mechanism of the direct taxation of agrarian enterprises Bank guarantees and letters of credit at service of agrarian sphere subjects Equity capital assessment on agricultural enterprises Bank credit products within the system investment and innovative development of agrarian formations Investment attractiveness of the region's agriculture Improving of Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Financial and Credit Supply of the Agriculture of Ukraine Tax stimulation of the development of agricultural service cooperation Estimation of fundamental modernization of activity of the tax service Investment reference points for formation of systems of government control of development of the milk-production subcomplex The role of accounting methods in decision-making system Transformation matrix of bank financing agricultural enterprises The current state and the perspective of leasing in agriculture of Ukraine Investment attractiveness of the agricultural sector in Ukraine: status and ways to enhance Monetary tools of stimulation of credit activity of commercial banks The guidelines for enhancement of management of accounting records of wages in the general-ledger registres Features of supporting of ecological agriculture producing are in countries-members of European Union The peculiarities of investment process in the agrarian secor of economy of the Transcarpathian reagion The updates to the order of representation of components of personal capital in the financial statements The investment process in Transcarpathian region: current state and peculiarities in the agrarian sphere of economy