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Contents № 02 for 2013 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Organisational and economic enhancement of sugar beets economic subcomplex of Ukraine

Economics of agro-industrial production

Development of cooperation in agriculture: existing issues and directions of their overcoming

The efficiency of agrarian production in Volyn region

The advancement of the mechanism of state regulation and stimulation of the development of agro­industrial production

Intensification ways of specialized beef cattle breading: problems of theory and practice

Agrarian market

Tendencies of the regional grain markets and perspectives of Ukraine

Price-formation and pricing policy

Agrarian cicles: history, methodology, practice

Financial relations and accounting

Criteria for state support of agricultural enterprises

Investment attractiveness of production and use of biodiesel

Material and technical support of the agrarian sphere

Material and technical support of agrarian sphere

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

Formation of the quality management of enterprises producing organic products

Economic efficiency of implementation of quality management systems at enterprises

Rural development and rural social sphere

The holistic certifiction of villiges of Ukraine - basis of the development of rural territories

Ecotourism as a constituent of the development of rural areas of Ukraine

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Estimation of cost of sort of plants as to the object of intellectual property

Formation of organizational forms of technology transfer in agro-industrial production

Technical supply for innovative technologies in plant growing

Management and informational support

Analytical monitoring within the framework of functioning of the information and analytical system management of enterprises

History of agrarian economic thought

Academician I.I. Lukinov and Ukrainian economic science

Young scientist’s page

Legislation measures for agrarian enterpreneurship of crisis-management

Reinsurance as mechanism for providing of financial stability of insurance companies

Features of introduction of system of corporate social responsibility by domestic agrarian enterprises