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Tendencies of the regional grain markets and perspectives of Ukraine / Andryuschenko B.V., Zhygadlo V.S., Sikachyna O.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2013. - № 2 - P. 33

The investigation of the features of the world market of wheat, corn, barley, during 2000/01 - 2011/12 marketing years is carried out, taking into account the dynamics of its production, consumption, exports, imports by major geographical segments of the world grain market in order to develop the concept of possible national strategy for grain export in Ukraine. The most perspective for Ukraine segments of the world market for grain export of these crops. Ukraine's crops sales promotion and growing level of competetivenss at these markets requires drastic change of state agrarian policy, particularly policy of crops agriculture. Among the measures to be taken: abolition of excessive interference and administrative pressure on the exact participants of crops market (licensing, quota system, protective duties, etc.), active realistion of measures for export of national agrarian products, particularly grain crops, insuarence of transperent environment for investments and lagislative protection of investments. Figs: 5. Refs: 5.
Key words: agrarian market, strategy, export, grain


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