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Contents № 08 for 2013 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Methodological basis for finding social solutions in agrarian policies

Financial relations and accounting

Value Added Tax taxation mechanism of dairy plants: the impact on organization of analytical accounting of processed output

Financial insurance of the horticultural branch

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

The formation of effective mechanism of functioning of logistic systems of agrarian enterprises

Professional associations in the agro-industrial and commerce sectors of economy as main regulators of the realization of Ukrainian National Technology Platform “AGRO-FOOD” (in English)

Cost of production of milk as main factor of its competitiveness

The peculiarities of peopleware in the agrarian sphere

Rural development and rural social sphere

Methodological approaches to the assessment of level and quality of life of rural population

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Innovative technology clusters: features and caveats

Theoretical and methodological basis for investment and innovation progress and the growth of the economy

Technological factor of national economic development

Young scientist’s page

Theoretical and practical aspects of business valuation based on DCF-method (discounted cash flow) (in English)

Information support of accounting and control of the real estate

Features of the development of seed cluster formations of the grain crops complex

Modern trends of the development of domestic market of organic agrofood products

New highly economical method of drying grain

Instruments of investment activity of agricultural enterprises

The efficiency of crops production on agrarian enterprises of Kyiv region

Improvement of labour motivation at milk processing enterprises

Scenarios of agri-food market development in Ukraine and european union in the terms of free trade area creation

Efficient production of agrarian products: row materials for biofuel production

Institutional aspects of the development of enterpreneurship on the biofuel market