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Contents for 2014 year

Conceptual framework and efficient development priorities of agrarian university

To the problem of the development strategy of agrarian sector of Ukrainian economy (=> )

Sugar beet subbranch of Ukraine: directions of stabilizing and indicators of development until 2020

Economic efficiency of using domestic-selection chicken in breeding farms (=> )

Development of the spirit industry in Ukraine under the influence of internal and external factors (=> )

The analyses of current state of agricultural machinery market of Ukraine

Social aspects of management of agrarian enterprises

Clusters as a form of enterprise's competitiveness management (in English)

SWOT-analysis as an effective tool process of formation of productive rural employment

Drip irrigation as an innovation for enhncement of crop capacity

The role of Ukraine in the international wheat trade

Institutionalization of corporate processes in agrarian sphere (=> )

Theoretical bases and grounds of definition are a «market of agricultural produce» (=> )

State regulation of economy and its impact on the country's economic reforms (=> )

Food demand in the EU under conditions of economic slowdown (in English)

The problems of statistic evaluation of innovative activity of the AIC

The economic essence of the concept of financial security of entities in the agricultural sector of the economy (=> )

Problematic aspects of the Internet Marketing implementation on farms (=> )

Economic essence of the concept of stable development of a farm enterprise (=> )

The role of cluster formations in the national agrarian economy development (=> )

The problems of regulation of functioning of agro-industrial companies

Objectives of national agrarian policy on the present stage of development

Agricultural sector taxation: development and risks (in English)

Priorities of bioethanol production in Ukraine (=> )

The directions of regulation of relations between producers, traders and consumers of socially important food

State support for insuring of economic resistance of agricultural enterprises

Devlopment of alternative forms of investment into upgrade of technical and technological base of logistics systems (=> )

The theoretical foundations of the vertically-integrated structures in the agricultural sector (=> )

Evaluation of the effectiveness of informational and consulting support for distribultion of innovative biotechnologies under conditions of risk and uncertainty (=> )

Innovation process in science and education within the framework of formation of the knowledge economy

The perfection of the institutional infrastructure and its assessment: theoretical aspect (=> )

On the content and correlation of certain agricultural definitions

Organic production and organic products of the EU countries

Agrifood sphere of Ukraine as an object of national security (=> )

Innovative technologies in agricultural sector: essence, classification and modern Ukrainian realia (=> )

Some aspects of the Ukrainian poultry market (=> )

Features of the formation of the innovative cluster in horticulture (=> )

Annual report - 2013 «On the fundamental results of scientific research of the NSC «The Institute of Agrarian Economy», future objectives and prospects»

Current condition and ways of increasing of the export potential of sheep industry of Ukraine

Definition of economically appropriate direction for biogas use

Connection of the intensive methods of manufacturing and the financial outcomes in agricultural enterprises (in English)

Forecast model of the grain balance (=> )

The development of the theory of value and pricing

Investment reference points for formation of systems of government control of development of the milk-production subcomplex (=> )

Economic efficiency of grain production and ways of its enhncement on agricultural enterprises

Marketing as management system of ‘production and sales’ activity of agrarian enterprises (=> )

On the problem of the development of methodology for determining the effectiveness of the functioning of enterprises on the agricultural market as precondition for occurrence of synergistic effect (=> )

Level, structure and prospects of agricultural and food export in Ukraine

The insitutional platform for innovative investmen activity within agro-industrial prodction of Ukraine

Interpretation of the notions «administration» and «management» and abstracting of them form the field of agrarian economy (=> )