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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 05 for 2014 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Economic globalization and financial sustainability of Ukraine

Import of agricultural products in Ukraine and possibilities of substitution of it with domestic production

Crop production in Ukraine within the framework of internal and global security

Agrarian market

Criteria of purchasing behaviour of consumers in the food market in Ukraine (in English)

Financial relations and accounting

Tax stimulation of the development of agricultural service cooperation

Improving of Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Financial and Credit Supply of the Agriculture of Ukraine

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

Modeling of decisions made by a member of the servicing cooperative in the system of modification and logistics of grain storage (in English)

Rural development and rural social sphere

Scientific (economic) development centers of rural territories in management of agricultural economics

Rural territories as economic entities

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Formation of innovative niches in the modernization of the food industry (=> )

Management and informational support

Transparency as a systemic and functional phenomenon of democratic management principle of agricultural service cooperative

Problems of the economic theory

Analysis of the labour safety of Ukraine within the framework of ILO methodology

History of agrarian economic thought

Energy security of Ukraine: essence, origin, perspectives

Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

Organizing of personal peasant cooperatives: global experience and challenges for Ukraine

Extension activity for the development of competitive and sustainable agriculture: experience of Colorado state university (the USA) (=> )

Young scientist’s page

Food security and the role of fruit and vegetable growing for its assurance (=> )

Principles of formation of food security of Ukraine

Determination of the nature of insurance as financial economic category (=> )

Peculiarities of pricing in organic production (=> )

The formation of the organizational and economic mechanism of technological security of agrarian sector (in English)

Organic market and its infrastructure: current situation and prospects of development