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Contents № 06 for 2014 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Current problems and key matters of the development of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Economics of agro-industrial production

Animal husbandry within the framework of economic management (=> )

Ecological and economic framework of use of recultivated soil of the steppe Prydniprivia region

Enhancement of forecasting methods in animal husbandry (=> )

Agrarian market

Agricultural products: the quality problem (=> )

Material and technical support of the agrarian sphere

Region efficiency of local energy reserves using in the Zaporozhye region agricultural production

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

Benchmarking is a perspective management tool of adaptation process of the agricultural enterprises in the conditions of the world food market (=> )

Decision-making mechanism in the management of vertical integration processes in agribusiness

Rural development and rural social sphere

Combining work, family and personal life in Ukraine in the context of decent work due to ILO methodology

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Conceptual approaches to research on innovative potential for natural sugar substitutes on example of stevia (in English)

Young scientist’s page

The objective necessity to optimize the area of perennial grasses on the farms of the Southern Ukraine (=> )

The marketing analysis of sunflower oil market situation in Ukraine (=> )

Analysis of the effective use of fixed assets for bakery enterprises in imperfect accounting practices (in English)

Development of agricultural production scientific support

Strategic management of intergration processes in the agrifood sector of Ukraine

Ways of domestic corn competitive ability increase under present-day conditions (in English)

The formation of production costs on agricultural enterprises

Consideration of world trends towards hop and hop products market as a component of management mechanism of branch development (in English)