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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 11 for 2014 year

Scientific support of development of the agro-industrial complex

Credit factor of the sustainable devlopment of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Agrarian policy and reformation

Gene pool preservation of local domestic cattle, pig and sheep breeds with small population size requires state financial support

Economics of agro-industrial production

Integrated assessment of the economic sustainability of agricultural enterprises

Motivation as a key factor of the development of population’s households

The leading tendencies of the development of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Financial relations and accounting

Unification of accounting policies as a factor of the financial statements of the agricultural enterprises

Rural development and rural social sphere

The use of land resources of rural areas

The guidelines for overcoming of the social and demographic crisis of the Ukrainian villages

Management and informational support

The conceptual framework of risk protection management of enterprises

Virtual communications and their influence on efficiency of an activity of agricultural entities (in English)

Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

Theoretical and methodological aspects of information provision for the economic decision-making in the agricultural sector

Young scientist’s page

To the problems of agricultural land lease relations (shares)

Remuneration impact on budget formation and on social and economic processes (=> )

Analysis of the consumption level and savings of rural households (=> )

The differentiation of income of the rural population of Ukraine (=> )

Current state and future perspectives of the development of agrarian production in the Vinnytsya region at the present stage of land relations (=> )

Prerequisites for the development of mobile marketing in agricultural enterprises (in English)