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Prerequisites for the development of mobile marketing in agricultural enterprises / Shvydenko O.M. // Ekonomika APK. - 2014. - № 11 - P. 114

The essence of the concept of "e-agriculture" as a new subject area that focuses on enhancing rural development through improved information and communication processes was investigated. It was specified that the introduction of mobile technologies in agriculture appears to be an engine that can radically change the situation in the field of informational support of agricultural production and agricultural marketing. International experience shows that the use of the Internet and mobile technology in agriculture realizes the advantages of non-contact electronic access to the client, provides farmers with the latest available and customized informational services and, in particular, enables broad introduction of mobile Internet marketing. Definition of Mobile Marketing as a set of marketing activities aimed at the promotion of products or services through mobile devices was considered and its components were determined. It was noticed that the active introduction of mobile technologies in agriculture abroad led to the development of mobile marketing and its effective use by farms. However, the use of mobile marketing by agricultural enterprises in Ukraine is at its early stage, that’s why to enhance their competitiveness in globalizing conditions it is necessary to intensify the implementation of new communication technologies to use the opportunities and benefits of mobile marketing in their business. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 20.
Key words: e-agriculture, mobile technology, mobile marketing, farming, mobile Internet, mobile applications


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