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Contents for 2014 year

Meat production: global and Ukraine trends (in English)

The brand "the breadbasket of Europe": Myth or Reality

Revival of productive potential of agricultural enterprises (=> )

Factors of providing and increase of competitiveness of products of milk processing plants (=> )

Production and introduction of scientific and technical products and financing of innovative activities in Ukraine

Perspectives of bioethanol production of sugar beets in Ukraine (in English)

Current state of food security

Current state of land relations in rural areas

Development strategy for agricultural enterprises in the context of globalization

Estimation of milk quality impact on economic efficiency of milk production (=> )

Integration alternatives of agrarian and industrial complex of Ukraine in the conditions of a world economic crisis

Price risk management on the stock market of sugar (=> )

Estimation of fundamental modernization of activity of the tax service

On risk management of production plans of agricultural enterprises

Product life cycle of “wheat variety” as a subject of sale

Institute of public-private partnerships as a condition for increasing innovation and investment activity in agribusiness of Ukraine (in English)

Spirit production and energy safety of Ukraine (=> )

Triad “knowledge - information - up-to-date knowledge” as basic vector of modern society (=> )

Economic and legal peculiarities of agricultural service cooperatives

Development of innovative processes in domestic agrarian enterprises (=> )

Motivation of women labour activity (=> )

Comparative analysis of the economic mechanism of motivation in Ukraine and the USA

Augmentation of the efficiency level of land tenure

The development of rural tourism in Ukraine (=> )

On the formation of mechanism of sustainable industrial development of agrarian entrepreneurship

Economic globalization and financial sustainability of Ukraine

Import of agricultural products in Ukraine and possibilities of substitution of it with domestic production

Crop production in Ukraine within the framework of internal and global security

Criteria of purchasing behaviour of consumers in the food market in Ukraine (in English)

Tax stimulation of the development of agricultural service cooperation

Improving of Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Financial and Credit Supply of the Agriculture of Ukraine

Modeling of decisions made by a member of the servicing cooperative in the system of modification and logistics of grain storage (in English)

Scientific (economic) development centers of rural territories in management of agricultural economics

Rural territories as economic entities

Formation of innovative niches in the modernization of the food industry (=> )

Transparency as a systemic and functional phenomenon of democratic management principle of agricultural service cooperative

Analysis of the labour safety of Ukraine within the framework of ILO methodology

Energy security of Ukraine: essence, origin, perspectives

Organizing of personal peasant cooperatives: global experience and challenges for Ukraine

Extension activity for the development of competitive and sustainable agriculture: experience of Colorado state university (the USA) (=> )

Food security and the role of fruit and vegetable growing for its assurance (=> )

Principles of formation of food security of Ukraine

Determination of the nature of insurance as financial economic category (=> )

Peculiarities of pricing in organic production (=> )

The formation of the organizational and economic mechanism of technological security of agrarian sector (in English)

Organic market and its infrastructure: current situation and prospects of development

Current problems and key matters of the development of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Animal husbandry within the framework of economic management (=> )

Ecological and economic framework of use of recultivated soil of the steppe Prydniprivia region

Enhancement of forecasting methods in animal husbandry (=> )