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Contents for 2014 year

Problems of the financing of innovative progress of agrarian sector

Methodological basis for determination of economical efficiency of veterinary activity in stockbreeding (=> )

The potential establishment of agro-energy cluster on the basis of the Zaporizhzhia region energy potential

Cognitive modelling of stock market of agricultural products (=> )

Modern Approach to the Formation of the Concepts of Customer Value (in English)

Bank guarantees and letters of credit at service of agrarian sphere subjects (=> )

The essence of the criterion of resource saving and mechanism of its implementation in the sustainable development conditions (in English)

The guidelines for professional training of officials and local governmental authorities of rural areas

The paradigm of determination of regularities of dairy cattle-breeding (=> )

The progress of infrastructure and logistics of Ukrainian grain market

The analyses of process of production concentration on agrarian enterprises of Ukraine and its assessment

Development of agricultural market infrastructure as a component of mechanisms to support and stimulate entrepreneurship (=> )

The influence of the results of plant growing enterprises innovation activities on their management efficiency level

Information and consulting provision for rural tourism

Essence of the concepts of «innovative process» and «innovative activity» and features of their content in the theory of agricultural economy

Accounting policy within the framework of foreign practice (=> )

Agricultural service cooperation as an incentive for development of rural farms (=> )

Institutional and physiocratic directions of grain market development in Ukraine

Trends and problems of national food consumption

Agricultural cooperation: market mechanisms of development

Production resources of agriculture Ukraine: the present state, problems and ways of improving efficiency in the context of strengthening economic safety rural territories

The role of ecological, economic and educational imperatives in development of organic agricultural production (in English)

Reforms of the mechanism of the direct taxation of agrarian enterprises

Models of insurance policy within the framework of agricultural insurance

Pricing within the framework of reproduction of the basic assets of agriculture

The theoretical factor of socio-economic development of rural areas as objects of infrastructure

Innovative-investment development of sugar beet production

Management of soil calcium balance basing on use of contemporary IT technology

Development of small farms in Ukraine and the polish experience (in English)

Role and position of banks in the European economic area (in English)

African swine fever risk assessment and compensation calculation methodology: Lithuanian case (in English)

Management of common resources in rural areas: in the field of Nobel Laureate’ research

Assessment competence of management efficiency in the large scale agro-industrial formations

Theoretical and methodological principles of the state social policy as for the efficient rural employment (=> )

Adjustment of employment legislation of Ukraine to the regularities of European law (=> )

Methodical approaches to the estimation of production capacities and the efficiency of their use

The motives and results of mergers and acquisitions in the agricultural sector of Ukraine (=> )

Credit factor of the sustainable devlopment of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Gene pool preservation of local domestic cattle, pig and sheep breeds with small population size requires state financial support

Integrated assessment of the economic sustainability of agricultural enterprises

Motivation as a key factor of the development of population’s households

The leading tendencies of the development of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Unification of accounting policies as a factor of the financial statements of the agricultural enterprises

The use of land resources of rural areas

The guidelines for overcoming of the social and demographic crisis of the Ukrainian villages

The conceptual framework of risk protection management of enterprises

Virtual communications and their influence on efficiency of an activity of agricultural entities (in English)

Theoretical and methodological aspects of information provision for the economic decision-making in the agricultural sector

To the problems of agricultural land lease relations (shares)

Remuneration impact on budget formation and on social and economic processes (=> )