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Contents for 2015 year

L. Kuchma agrarian reform in Ukraine: historical and economic matters

The economic efficiency of regional soybeans production

The issue of domestic export strategy of agricultural products

Prices and price formation in the market of cereals (in English)

Investment lending to the agricultural sector (=> )

Risks in Bank Crediting of Agricultural Enterprises (in English)

Creating conditions for optimisation of the regulatory framework of using agrarian vouchers

Rural communities facing administrative and territorial reforms

The methods of application of the index method for assessment of beautification of rural territories at the regional level

Methodological principles of creation and effective functioning of innovative technological clusters

Theoretical foundations and practical directions for the formation of corporate social responsibility of agricultural and food enterprises (=> )

The topical problems of the augmentation of the efficiency level of the AIC of Belarus within the framework of acute competition on the global food market

Agro-industrial complex of Russia within the framework of formation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and the WTO membership

Modern requirements for the instruments of agricultural economics and practice

Methods of accounting planning in the sphere of livestock breeding

Effectiveness  of the business processes of the companies in the bakery industry of Zhytomyr region

Intensification of grain production – the main direction of achieving its high competitiveness

Comparative assessment of the competitiveness of tractors imported and domestic production

The current state and guidelines for further development of the agrarian reform

Production of altaernative sources of energy as the factor of the efficiency increase of the agraricultural enterprises

Mesoeconomic aquaculture development in Ukraine: problems and perspectives

The monetary and fiscal policies under condition of budget deficit of Ukraine

The inventory and passport certification of resources of the agrarian business entities

Human Resources in agro-industrial production: theoretical and methodological foundations

Theoretical aspects of social and economic forecasting

The information security management in fruit and vegetable processing enterprises

The interactive model of the institutional support of the innovative activity in agrarian production

Institutional background of the development of small agricultural entrepreneurship (in English)

Synergies of information systems in agriculture (in English)

Association with the European Union and the future prospects of the development of Ukraianian agricultural enterprises

Institutional support of the development of entrepreneurship in the agrarian sphere

The potential of inland waterway transport in Ukrainian grain logistics system

Value-oriented accounting model for strategic management of property (=> )

Theoretical aspects of the evolution of ownership relations

Conducting auctions of lease of state agricultural land

Directions of improvement of governance of agrarian sector in the context of decentralization of authority and deregulation of economic activity

Social and economic aspects of the development of the agro-industrial complex of production

The guidelines for the economic efficiency of production of oilseeds in the region

Multiplier effect of accretion of internal resources of agricultural production (=> )

Revenue basis of rural budgets under conditions of fiscal decentralization in Ukraine

Operating leverage and production profitability: functional dependence (in English)

Social responsibility of business entities within the framework of activity of food enterprises

Evaluation of regional common resources

Evaluation of demographic situation in rural areas

Institutional transformations and their impact on the investment attractiveness of agrarian enterprises

Methodological and practical aspects of the analysis of incoming and outgoing cash flows of agrarian enterprises

A factor of partnership in agrarian reformation

Selection and economic substantation of budget subsidies’ size for preserve the gene pool of local and endangered breeds of farm animals

To the problem of sugar beet seed growing

Methodological foundations of the strategy development of agro-industrial production within the framework of system analysis