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Фінансові відносини та бухгалтерський облік

International analysis of the state financial support of agriculture producer / Trusova N.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2015. - № 10 - P. 32

The paper highlights the issue of the necessity of state funding of agricultural producers under conditions of functioning of agrarian market and efficient allocation of financial resources. The international research of state funding of agricultural producers and its influence on productivity of agriculture is done. In the process of research there were used methods of mathematical statistic and regressive analysis for substantiation of interrelation of the producer support estimate and consumer nominal protection coefficient. It is defined that support for agricultural production on the state level can be regarded as one of the ways of regulation of redistribution of financial resources, enabling to prevent financial losses and ensure efficiency of the branch financing. It has been substantiated that special norms for granting subsidy to agrarian sector are regulated by the state to create a fair and market-oriented system for agricultural produce trading. It has been proved that fundamentally new approaches to forming of long-term national course of agrarian policy and its comparison with alternative variants of agricultural production financing, implemented in the world, must take into consideration changes in external environment and acceleration of globalization processes, which demand adequate reaction, enabling to minimize negative consequences. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 17.
Key words: state policy, financial support, financial resources, agriculture, productivity, budgetary financing, producer support estimate, market price support


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