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DEA method in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of concentration of production in agricultural enterprises / Sas I.S. // Ekonomika APK. - 2016. - № 4 - P. 92

The purpose of the article is to establish the technical efficiency of concentration of production in agricultural enterprises, to analyse it subject to building models with and without the product component of factors, taking into account the concentration intensity of such factors. The following methods have been used in the course of the research: dialectical, abstract-logical and system analysis (theoretical and methodological generalizations, establishing the essence of the DEA method) and economic and mathematical modelling. Technical efficiency has been established based on the DEA method for agricultural enterprises in four variants: by the factors of resource and product concentration, technical efficiency by the factors of resource concentration (without taking into account the cash proceeds indicator), by the intensity of concentration of production factors (factors per hectare), and technical efficiency by the intensity of resource concentration of production factors (without taking into account the cash proceeds indicator). As an element of novelty, the DEA method was used for the first time to evaluate the effectiveness of production concentration and the concepts of intensity of production concentration and intensity of concentration efficiency were suggested to be introduced into scientific use. Based on the results of the research, the conclusion has been validated that strengthening the economic state of enterprises, in particular improving their technical efficiency, is substantially influenced by the intensity of production concentration, primarily the concentration of capital and product concentration, as compared to the change in capital value and the total amount of cash proceeds. Tabl.: 4. Refs.: 7.
Key words: technical efficiency, efficiency of production concentration, intensity of production concentration, the intensity of the impact of the concentration, method of DEA- analysis (analysis method «shell» data)


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