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Розвиток сільських територій і соціальна сфера села

The peculiarities of employment management for rural women within the system of employment market / Sabluk H.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2016. - № 8 - P. 53

The paper is aimed to study the role of labour of rural women from various perspectives. The current rural economic situation requires new scientific patterns for involvement of working potential of rural women as well as involvement of all rural population in general for social production within agrarian sphere; for there rural women both perform work in agricultural production and do domestic chores, in combination with motherhood and bringing up children. The current alarming situation in the rural areas requires active social and state measures to be taken, as social rural development is a top-priority for Ukraine. Devotion to the community, society, family is a real talent of women`s souls. Therefore, financial and economic methods of functioning of rural women labour market are the key factor for employment of rural population. Tabl.: 4. Refs.: 9.
Key words: women`s labour, rural area, labour market regulation, rural woman, dequalification, employment, economic interest, work migration, poverty


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