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Управління та інформаційне забезпечення

Phenomenon of management and systematization of management knowledge in AIC / Chornyi H.M., Mishchenko I.A., Fishchuk N.Yu. // Ekonomika APK. - 2017. - № 4 - P. 77

The purpose of the article is to analyze structure of the discipline “management” in terms of conceptual positions of cybernetics. There’re proposed a version of objective chain of management phenomena, which should be the basis of forming blocks of management knowledge with further study of the discipline. In the study were used the following methods: logic, philosophy, sociology, economics at the empirical level and observation, comparison, evaluation, synthesis, abstraction, analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction and others at theoretical level. Results of the study indicate that functioning in the agro-food sector of different types of business entity is one of the reasons the ambiguous interpretation of essence of managing in them and consequently different versions of theoretical knowledge structure about it. On the one hand, this is a real testimony to creative development of management science in agricultural economics. On the other hand, this situation stands in the way for obtaining specific systemic and deep knowledge of modern management by students as one of the foundations of their future professional practice that leads to the feasibility of further research. The elements of scientific novelty and practical significance. Management phenomena at agricultural enterprises (households) level are a self-contained source of empirical knowledge. At the same time, regular research observations revealed a connection between them in the form of objective logic justified chain, which starts with formation of a particular business entity and concludes with implications of its control. The logic of objective chain of management phenomena requires a similar structure of this chain of successive blocks of objective management expertise that should be reflected. Depending on an amount of training time with discipline “agricultural management” for some specialties, these blocks of knowledge can be easily distributed to the structural elements of a lower order, i.e. specific topics of this course. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 14.
Key words: subject of management object of management system management management phenomena blocks of management knowledge training topics


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