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Contents for 2018 year

Food self-providing of the population of Ukraine (=> )

Trends and perspectives of development of personal peasant households

Partnership symbiosis as an effective factor of ecological, social and economic system stability

Prospects for development and increase of the competitiveness of the sheep breeding in Kherson region

Genetic resources of dairy cattle breeding in Ukraine

Transformation of high-commodity private households into entrepreneurship subjects: tax and budget aspects

Main priorities of state support of development of the material and technical base of agrarian enterprises

Essence of social capital and its features in the agrarian sphere

System approach to agricultural enterprises management

Institutional components in system of balanced use of land-resource potential

Investment activity as a tool for increasing of the farm competitiveness

Investment provision of modernization of hop enterprises in Ukraine

Modeling of socio-economic relations in scientific research processes

Milk sector development in the context of ensuring of food safety in Ukraine

Pricing formation for grain cereal seed production

Investment attractiveness of agriculture in Zakarpattia region

Bank lending to agriculture in Ukraine (in English)

Methodical approaches to evaluation of the management strategy of enterprise personnel

Scientific and organizational bases of improving the rural development strategy in terms of Eurointegration

The methodological approaches to evaluation of the development efficiency of rural areas in terms of sustainability

Distribution of agrarian novations in the context of effective branch growth

Experience of commercial seedling and payments for the use of intellectual property

Foreign trade relations between Ukraine and EU

Price formation on agricultural land in the Czech Republic

World tendenciesof development oftheplants protecting tools market

Formation of state support economic mechanism for solid biofuel producers (in English)

Features of strategic planning of rural territorial community development

Dual form of education in the training of highly qualified specialists for the agrarian sphere of Ukraine (in English)

Formation of highly productive dairy herds as a factor of increasing the milk production efficiency

Development of raw material base of dairy product subcomplex of AIC of Ukraine

Price levels of agricultural lands as a background for their effective market functioning

Investment attractiveness of the agrarian sector of Ukraine: regional aspect

Features of farm functioning under conditions of a competitive environment (in English)

Organizational transformations of the agrarian business in Ukraine

Prospects for using “blockchain” technology in agriculture

Innovation activity of enterprise based on outsourcing and business modeling

Justification of possible ways of the market economy development

Comparative evaluation of the Polish dairy industry against countries of European Union (in English)

Regional aspect of the personnel policy development in agroindustrial production

On the results of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine in 2017 and the main tasks for the future

Methodological principles of differentiation of rural areas

Business diversification in rural areas: international experience

Development of the agricultural land market through a mechanism of land consolidation

Rural unemployment as a crisis uncertainty for rural women

Trends and peculiarities of development of dairy product subcomplex in Ukraine

Transformation of land ownership relations in the agrarian sector of economy

Institutionalization of family farms in social and economic environment

Usage of modeling in the management of agricultural enterprises

Private households: a disappearing remnant of the past or a way to the future

Regulation of the market turnover of agricultural land in Poland