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Фінансові відносини та бухгалтерський облік

Bank lending to agriculture in Ukraine / Patyka N.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 2 - P. 40

The purpose of the article is to analyse the trends and conditions for the development of bank lending to agriculture in Ukraine. Research methodology. The following methods were used for this study: dialectical, analysis and synthesis, comparison and generalization, economic and statistical, graphic, and tabular. Research results. Development trends in bank lending to agriculture in 1997-2017 have been analysed. Gradual improvement of the prerequisites for the development of agricultural lending has been found by studying the trends of bank lending to agriculture on the basis of statistical analysis of the dynamics of indicators of the amount of loans issued, interest rates, the level of dollarization of the loan portfolio, the share of overdue loans, debt burden indicators, and others. Elements of scientific novelty. As elements of novelty, a way to increase the competitiveness of agriculture through the attraction and use of bank loans has been found. Practical significance. The findings of this study made it possible to draw a conclusion that bank lending is one of the most effective instruments for the development of agriculture and ensuring its competitiveness. The relatively low level of debt burden and the improved quality of the loan portfolio will help to restoration of agricultural lending in the nearest future. Tabl.: 4. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 11.
Key words: credit, bank lending, interest rate, credit risk, debt burden, agriculture


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