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Інноваційна діяльність та інтелектуальний капітал

Innovation activity of enterprise based on outsourcing and business modeling / Yasnolob I.O., Horb O.O., Radionova Ya.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 3 - P. 82

The purpose of the article is to investigate theoretical and methodological foundations of organizing innovation activities in agricultural enterprises by studying foreign and Ukrainian experience, taking into account specific features of their economic activities; develop the prospective model of the management of organizing innovation activities in agricultural enterprises, based on modern models of doing business; define the effect of implementation of the program Business Process Model and Notation in the enterprise’s activities and calculate the period of its recoupment; determine the influence degree of the suggested measures on the effectiveness increasing in organizing innovation activities. Research methodology. The following scientific methods have been used as a methodological basis of the research: historic and dialectical, analysis and synthesis, theoretical search, abstract and logical, modeling. Research results. The process of organizing innovation activities in agricultural enterprise based on the outsourcing model using the Business Process Model and Notation software products has been created. The software products allow to process a considerable volume of information during a short period of time, decrease the duration of the technological cycle, and develop clear recommendations for organizing innovative business processes connected with innovation activities. Elements of scientific novelty. The suggested author’s concept allows to regulate the processes of organizing innovation activities in modern agricultural enterprise which is oriented on decentralization and independence of the innovation project subdivisions based on the modern outsourcing business model. The main functions of effective organizing innovation activities in agricultural enterprise become the effective distribution of functions, positioning of the tasks to the executors, exchange of information, making the budget, and distributing resources. Practical significance. The main effects from using the Business Process Model and Notation are in organizing if innovation activities in agricultural enterprise based on outsourcing are the following: raising the effectiveness and productivity of the program of implementing the innovation process conditions; decreasing the duration of the innovation process of technological cycle; raising the organizational level of the production system service; providing a flexibility of the innovation process production system; raising an effectiveness of the personnel’s work and decreasing the level of its overloading; lowering of labor intensity by decreasing its monotonousness; raising an efficiency of receiving, trustworthiness, and accuracy of the information in implementing processes of the innovation project; improving of the innovation process system in general. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 14.
Key words: Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), innovative activity, process of optimization, Global Innovation Index‚ outsourcing


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