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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Regularities of development of agro-industrial production and the efficiency of its functioning / Kodenska M.Yu., Seheda S.A. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 6 - P. 30

The purpose of the article is to highlight the importance of agro-industrial production in the economy of the country in the context of revealing the patterns of its development and effective functioning. Research methodology. In the research process have been used such scientific methods as dialectical, abstract and logical, calculation, factor analysis and statistical-economic. Research results. It has been made an estimation of the functioning of the economic agrarian sector and its highlighted dynamics and place in the structure of the gross added value of the national economy and in the commodity structure of foreign trade. The low level of remuneration in the gross added value of the agrarian sector of the economy has been revealed. It has been established that agricultural production depends on the world market situation. It has been noted that in agro-industrial production it is fended the tendency of monocultural agriculture formation, which has negative consequences for maintenance of land productivity, labor usage of people and their life activity. Elements of scientific novelty. Efficient development of agro-industrial production has been ensured by rational use of zonal features of the country's natural and climatic potential and human resources, which guarantees the welfare of the population and food security of the country. Practical significance. The author's proposals will promote the increase of the land usage culture, the rational distribution of crop and livestock industries, taking into account zonal peculiarities according to the plants conditions, help to provide people with working places, increase the gross value of various types of products, in partcular energy products of national food security. Tabl.: 5. Refs.: 11.
Key words: agro-industrial production, human capital, agrarian sector, development, regularity, monoculture, gross value added, strategy, investment, efficiency, export, import


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