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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2020 year

Decentralisation is the way to rural development in Ukraine

Agricultural structures, sustainability of food systems and land markets regulation

Evaluation of the economic potential of the hemp production in Ukraine

Inclusive approach to the formation of logistics chains of the agrarian market of Ukraine

Development of the pig meat market

Improvement of approaches to recognition and accounting of capital investments

Methodological foundations for management decisions as a tool for effective enterprise management

Seeds and planting material as an innovative crop product (in English)

Systematisation of methods on information provision of enterprise management

Effectiveness of value added tax on export of crop products

Land reforms in Ukraine: history of conduct

Theory and methodology of cluster development of agro-industrial complex (in English)

Land reform: current problems and solutions

Rural proofing: the European policy and guidelines for Ukraine

Analytical provision of anti-crisis management of agricultural entities

Establishment and development of family farming in Poland: experience for Ukraine

Development of private peasant households and their transformation into family farms

Features of the role of a rural woman in family

Assessment the role of Ukraine in the global honey market

Development of world production and trade in dairy products

Social responsibility of business: institutional approach (in English)

Conceptual aspects of the experience economy in context of land use

The concept of market turnover of agricultural land

Urgent steps for consideration when implementing market land relations

Seed production efficiency and prospects for seed farming in Ukraine

Fruit and berries market development in Ukraine

Organizational and economic mechanism for promoting varieties of spire cereal crops of foreign selection on the Ukrainian markets

Statistical analysis of meat consumption and meat products in Ukraine

Consumer behavior in the food market: institutional and marketing approaches

Functioning of eco-hotels in Ukraine as a factor of activization of entrepreneurial activity

Infrastructural support for the development of domestic green tourism enterprises (in English)

Food loss as an indicator of the balance of innovation in the food chain

Benchmarking as an innovative tool for the financial activity of the rural green tourism enterprises (in English)

Improvement of planning of economic activity of agricultural enterprises

Theoretical principles of entrepreneurship development

Organizational-economic mechanism of the use of benchmarking in the activities of agricultural enterprises (in English)

Risk management of global climate change in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine

The world seed market and the place of Ukraine in it

Trends of the investment activities development in the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine

Assessment of regional competitiveness of milk production in Ukraine

Formation of the combine harvesters market in Ukraine

Innovative industrialization in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine

Econometric analysis of the impact of economy digitalization on agricultural production development

Ways of digital transformation of agricultural advisory in Ukraine

Ukraine in the system of the global economy: trade aspect

World food consumption trends

Conceptual and methodical bases for the evaluation of organizational and economic socialization of rural entrepreneurship

Foreign experience of state regulation of agricultural entrepreneurship

Scientific and methodological improvement of approaches to information and analytical support of innovation

Agricultural transformations and peasant farms in the food security system of Ukraine