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Аграрний менеджмент і підприємництво

Establishment and development of family farming in Poland: experience for Ukraine / Zolotnytska Yu.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 2 - P. 45

The purpose of the article is to consider the stages and key factors of the development of family farming in Poland and to outline the prospects for the development of family farms in Ukraine, taking into account the best European experience and national characteristics. Research methods. In the course of the research dialectical methods of cognition of processes and phenomena, monographic method (for analysis of stages of the development of family farming in Poland), empirical method (for concerning complex assessment of the present state of the research object), comparative analysis (for determining problems and directions of the formation and development of family farming in Poland and Ukraine), abstract and logical (for theoretical generalizations and formulation of conclusions). Research results. The study of the stages of the formation and current state of family farming in Poland made it possible to identify key factors for the development of family farming in Ukraine. It was established that within the framework of the implementation of Poland's experience in the development of family farming, Ukraine should consider its own historical and economic prerequisites for agricultural development, formed mentality of rural residents, existing realities of agricultural sector development and key interests of all agricultural producers without exception. While not detracting from the importance of large agricultural producers as leading agrarian exporters, it was proven that family farms should become a dominant driving force in rural development and food and environmental security, and socio-economic stability in Ukraine. Elements of scientific novelty. Approaches to the family farm development management mechanism were further developed, based on key factors for sustainable rural development, improving farmers' well-being and socio-economic stability of the country, namely sufficient and reasonable financial support for small- and medium-sized family farms, the development of advisory systems and access to a regulated market. Practical significance. Theoretical principles and methodological approaches outlined in the article might be used as specific recommendations for the development of family farming in Ukraine. Table: 1. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 23.
Key words: farming; family farms; private peasant households; sustainable rural development; organic products; organic production


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