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Development of the world market of sheep products / Zharuk L.V., Koval T.S., Kozak O.A. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 8 - P. 60

The purpose of the article is to assess the main trends in the functioning of the world market for sheep products to determine the strategic guidelines for the industry in Ukraine. Research methods. In the process of research, the dialectical method of cognition, a systematic approach to the study of economic phenomena and processes were used; abstract-logical method - for generalizations and formulation of conclusions; monographic - for detailing the conjunctural components of the world market for sheep products; empirical - for a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the research object; historical - for structuring in time the main trends in the development of the market under study; comparative analysis - to compare indicators and identify the dynamics of their changes over time; tabular - to reflect the results of research, graphic - to visually display the results of the price ranks of the main products of sheep breeding; statistical groupings - for the distribution of countries into groups according to different factors. Research results. The retrospective and the current state of the market of sheep products in the world have been investigated. The analysis of production volumes and livestock of sheep in the world in the context of the largest producers is carried out. It was revealed the strengthening of specialization in the meat and dairy direction in the world sheep breeding. The countries of the world have been ranked according to the level of purchase prices for 1 ton of sheep meat, 1 ton of wool and 1 ton of sheep milk. The dynamics of exports and imports of live sheep, sheep meat, wool and sheep cheese in the context of the main exporters and importers for the period 2012-2018 is considered. It has been established that, taking into account the global trends in the development of the sheep products market, in Ukraine it is advisable to increase the production of sheep meat in large-scale farms, which will satisfy the existing demand for these products in the world. Also, one of the promising areas for the development of the industry can be the production of elite sheep cheeses, starting with small craft production of regional brands. Scientific novelty. The analytical assessment of the world market situation for the main types of sheep products from the standpoint of Ukraine's integration into the international market for these products was further developed. Practical significance. The research results can be used by public administration bodies in determining the national policy of sheep industry development, the formation of a strategy for its development, taking into account export opportunities in the short and long term. Tabl.: 8. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 13.
Key words: market; sheep products; demand; supply; export; import; world


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