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Аграрний менеджмент і підприємництво

Integrating aspect of economic development in Ukrainian agriculture / Bezhenar I.M., Malik L.M., Shvets A.A. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 10 - P. 38

The purpose of the article is to determine the directions of integration processes in the development of entrepreneurial activity in the agricultural sector of the economy. Research methods. Using statistical and graphical methods, the state and trends of integration transformations of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine were assessed. Research results. The dynamics of changes in the number of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine during 2013-2019, their structure on the basis of legal status, scope and results of activities are analyzed and the relevant conclusions on the ways of development of integration processes in the agricultural sector are formed. The functioning of agrarian business entities of different sizes has been studied. The integration potential of small business entities in the agricultural sector has been identified. The dynamics of the main production indicators of small and micro enterprises is given, their share in the total volume of agricultural production is determined. Also, small forms of management due to integration and cooperative processes provide an opportunity to develop in rural areas, making financial contributions to local budgets, while large enterprises (agricultural holdings) usually have minimal impact on the development of rural economy and rural areas. The main segments of agricultural production (such as potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries) in which households play a key role are identified. Priority areas for the development of personal farms have been identified, in particular, through the creation of family farms and their association in cooperatives, etc. The information base of the study is the scientific achievements of leading domestic and foreign scientists, analytical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. On the basis of the obtained results the social and economic expediency of development of cooperative forms of management in the countryside and integration of small-scale agricultural producers is substantiated. Scientific novelty. It is proposed to turn personal peasant farms into family farms as components of integration formations in agrarian business. Practical significance. The state of business structures of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy is assessed and the prospects and advantages of the development of integration formations and cooperation in the sustainable development of rural areas are outlined. Tabl.: 8. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 20.
Key words: business entity; agriculture; organizational and legal form; agricultural products; family farm; personal peasant farms


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