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Наукове забезпечення розвитку агропромислового комплексу

Theoretical basis and methodological approaches to formation of a strategy for managing the efficiency of farming investments / Kropyvko M.F., Kisil M.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 1 - P. 6

The purpose of the article is to substantiate and highlight the theoretical provisions and methodological approaches to the formation of a strategy for managing the efficiency of investment in a farm. Research methods. During the study, the following methods were used: dialectical (in the knowledge of investment processes and phenomena); abstract-logical (in substantiating theoretical provisions on the formation of investment efficiency); SWOT-analysis (in assessing priority investment goals by efficiency criteria); strategic planning methods (in choosing strategic investment goals); project analysis (in assessing the effectiveness of investments for their strategic goals); monographic (when checking theoretical provisions and methodological approaches on the example of a particular farm). Research results. The article summarizes the theoretical provisions and methodological approaches to the formation of a strategy for managing the efficiency of investment in a farm, arising from the characteristics of this form of management. Scientific novelty. The justification was further developed that investment efficiency is formed mainly at the stage of choosing investment options and solutions, in connection with which the main tasks of a farmer in managing this efficiency are to select the best investment options in terms of efficiency and minimize risks; the development of an investment strategy and investment policy of a farm should be carried out on the principles of strategic management and methodology of project analysis in the context of each investment goal; a high level of validity of the farmer's choice of strategic investment goals is achieved based on the results of the assessment of investment projects and business plans, and in the absence of these for the farmer, based on the results of a pre-project analysis of aggregated or indicative data on effects and costs in the context of each strategic investment goal; a farm investment performance management system should encompass the assessment and selection of the most effective investment objectives and measures in the development of an investment strategy, policy, program and current plan. Practical significance. The research results can be used by all farms. For this purpose, guidelines have been developed for practical use. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 11.
Key words: farms; investment strategy; investment performance management; investment goals; project analysis methodology; investment benefits and costs


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