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Social development of Ukrainian rural areas / Lupenko Yu.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 9 - P. 5

In the context of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, approved at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development in 2015, domestic science focuses its efforts on their scientific support. Among these Goals, the key place is occupied by the issues of equitable social development, the achievement of which for rural areas is hampered by the lower level of social infrastructure, education, health care, services, state and public institutions, etc. in comparison with cities and urban-type settlements. These issues have become even more aggravated in the context of the government decentralization, under which there has been an enlargement of communities, a change in the administrative-territorial division, and the availability of production and social infrastructure. The successful solution of the problems associated with the achievement of equitable rural social development requires original scientific solutions, substantiated proposals for changes in this process. Taking into account the urgency of the problem of equitable rural social development in the context of government decentralization, we publish an article dedicated to it by academician of the NAAS V. P. Riabokon and hope that our readers will be interested in the issues raised. Realizing the importance of financial and investment support for agricultural development, we pay attention to the research results of candidate of economic sciences M. I. Kisil on the macroeconomic investment process in agriculture and doctor of economic sciences, prof. O. V. Zakharchuk, candidate of economic sciences O. V. Vyshnevetska and candidate of economic sciences V. V. Nechytailo, Ye. Yu. Ionitsoi on increasing the capitalization of agribusiness. Overcoming current global challenges is the subject of the article of candidate of agricultural sciences A. V. Vdovychenko and candidate of agricultural sciences Yu. V. Ternovyi, PhD in economics V. I. Lazarenko, O. O. Kachkovskyi and post-graduate student M. M. Fedorchenko on the prospects for the development of organic farming in the European green deal; doctor of economic sciences, prof. N. I. Patyka on foreign trade in agri-food products in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; candidate of economic sciences Yu. V. Kernasiuk about the impact of the global climate crisis on the development of the agricultural sector of the economy. This topic is becoming increasingly crucial for the successful development of agriculture and rural areas. Among other relevant studies, we offer articles by doctor of economic sciences, prof. L. Ye. Kupinets and candidate of economic sciences H. O. Tiutyiunnyk relatively nonlinear approach to agricultural land use management; I. M. Sabii on the choice of model of the agrarian system to ensure sustainable rural development; young scientist O. O. Melnychuk on the assessment of financial risks of the agricultural sector.
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