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Economics of seed production / Lupenko Yu.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 10 - P. 5

This year, Ukraine is steadily approaching the next agricultural record - exceeding the 80 millionth volume of the gross grain harvest. Its achievement became possible thanks to favourable weather conditions and the victorious labour of the Ukrainian peasantry, and the expansion of the solidification of modern technologies, high-quality resources, primarily seeds. Because of the scale and potential of domestic agriculture, the seed market is becoming more and more competitive; the world's leading companies are working on it, which are gradually replacing national seed producers. In such conditions, the system of state regulation of this market is becoming increasingly important so that anticompetitive actions or changes in the political and (or) economic situation in the world do not lead to significant losses of the achieved production volumes and the emergence of threats to the food security of the state. The problems of this segment of the domestic agricultural economy are discussed in the article by the academician of NAAS Yu. O. Lupenko, doctor of economic sciences, prof. O. V. Zakharchuk, candidate of economic sciences Ya. F. Navrotskyi which we offer to the attention of our readers. Regarding other markets, we hope for interest in the research results on the modernization of land relations written by academician of NAAS P. T. Sabluk; efficiency of economic cooperation in the milk market by doctor of economic sciences, prof. A. O. Zainchkovskyi and M. V. Krivun; foreign trade with the countries of the European Union by the doctor of economic sciences H. V. Spaskyi. Continuing the research results on the problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is the article of doctors of economic sciences, professors O. M. Mohylnyi and N. I. Patyka, which considers the issue of sheltered employment of the rural population. Among its features, I would like to highlight innovative approaches to solving the problem. The topic of innovation is raised in the article by the doctor of economic sciences O. M. Nechyporenko, candidate of agricultural sciences Yu. M. Nosenko and L. M. Sinelnyk on the financial incentives for developing research and innovation clusters The issue presents the results of research by young scientists, in particular, O. S. Lukova on the classification of financial instruments, D. M. Lialko concerning the income from the export of Ukrainian corn (I will note that the profit is not only an indicator but first of all - an economical category!), O. V. Lebid on e-government of the economy of the future. We hope that such a palette of scientific topics will help increase the journal's popularity and more fully satisfy the interests of different categories of readers.
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