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E-governance of the economy of the future: world experience and prospects of Ukraine / Lebid O.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 10 - P. 98

The purpose of the article is to study the development of e-governance in the countries of the world and assess the prospects for use in Ukraine. Research methods. Sociological, general scientific, theoretical and empirical methods are used in the study, in particular, the method of unity of analysis and synthesis, the method of observation, comparison. Theoretical and methodological basis: concepts, approaches, theories, regulations, conclusions considered in the scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists, communication theory, information technology, project management, electronic governance and electronic democracy; legal acts of state authorities (Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine, resolutions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine). Research results. The normative legal acts on the use of e-government technologies in Ukraine are characterized. The main issues concerning modernization of public administration with the help of information and communication technologies are considered. The analysis of standards and regulations for e-governance technologies is carried out. The basic instruments of e-governance in the European Union (EU) and Ukraine are defined. The expediency of creation and use of e-government is substantiated. The structure of public administration, methods of e-governance, components of its information and technological infrastructure, state policy on the development of e-government, its technical components and their purpose, problems and organization of measures for the implementation and development of e-government, foreign and national experience in the use of e-government, its regulatory and legal framework are considered. The methodological approaches and results of monitoring the implementation of e-governance tools as the basis for the provision of administrative services in electronic form (2020) are analyzed. Scientific novelty. Stages of development and mechanisms of e-governance development management in Ukraine are analyzed. The analysis of Ukrainian and foreign practice of application of e-governance technologies is carried out. Global processes of e-governance of the economy are determined. the main regularities of formation and development of electronic governance in Ukraine and the world are investigated; - the essence and meaning of the basic methods and principles of e-government is revealed; - studied various models of implementation of e-governance at the national, regional and local levels; - problems and prospects of formation and development of e-governance, taking into account domestic practice; - the main stages and tasks of e-governance implementation in the context of the study of the best foreign practice are analyzed. The period of crisis requires decisive, reasonable actions from the authorities, which is possible provided that the full amount of information on the state of affairs in the state is possessed. Such needs can be met by a system of national electronic information resources. Therefore, the organizational model of national information resources of Ukraine in e-government is considered. The importance of implementation of the proposed plan of actions of authorities on the organization of information resources in e-government is determined. Practical significance. The use of recommendations on improving the organizational and information support of public administration in the spheres of information society development and the introduction of e-governance will allow in the future to expand useful for consumers electronic information resources, characterized by various forms of information, organizational and technological decisions, and are the basis for information and analytical support for management decision-making in the system current and strategic planning. Tabl.: 2. Figs.: 6. Refs.: 14.
Key words: e-governance; economics; management; methodology; regulations; problems; tasks; technical components; experience; organization


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