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Ethical norms for publication of articles

in the International Scientific and Production Journal "Ekonomika APK"

1. Ethics of publications

The International Scientific and Production Journal “Ekonomika APK” is scientific monthly publication with economic profile related to problems of agrarian economy. Editorial policy of the journal is based on such principles as: objectivity and impartiality in articles’ selection in order to publish them; high level of quality requirements for scientific research of theoretical and practical value; obligatory qualified independent review of materials submitted for publication; collegiality in making decisions on articles’ publication; observance of ethical norms in cooperation with authors.

These standards are determined by the standards of quality of scientific works and their presentation, adopted by the world and national scientific community, in particular the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Ethics Code of the Ukrainian Scientist, the recommendations of the Publishing House Elsevier, as well as the experience work of foreign and Ukrainian professional communities, scientific organizations, and editorial boards.

2. Review process

The editorial board provides high-quality independent review of materials submitted for publication, in compliance with the principles of academic integrity.

All members of the editorial board of the journal “Ekonomika APK” act as reviewers of submitted articles. Each article undergoes a review process by a scientific expert in relation to the ethnic, gender, religious, political, and other affiliations of authors.

Review is conducted in a confessional manner following the principles of a double-blind review.

Reviewers should ensure a confidentiality of all materials in an article, as well as inform the Editor-in-Chief of suspicion of plagiarism and copyright infringements. An accusation of plagiarism requires a reviewer to justify his own observations, which must be accompanied by relevant references. A reviewer should also report a conflict of interest, which may affect his opinion about manuscript of an article. Personal criticism of authors is excluded. If a reviewer is not sure of his competence in considering proposed scientific issue, he must notify the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.

Reviewers provide their findings in writing, assessing theoretical and methodological level of an article, its practical significance and scientific value. In review process, the following aspects are covered: relevance of topic of an article to the scientific profile of the journal; relevance of articles’ issues; correspondence of title of an article to its contents; logical and persuasive scientific argumentation of main provisions of an article; sufficiency of substantiation of main results of a research.

Reviewers who have received an article fill in the standard form and choose one of variants of the recommendation: recommended for publication; recommended for amendment; not recommended for publication.

In case of article’s refusal or need for amendment, a reviewer must provide written explanation of reasons for such a decision.

Unpublished articles are an intellectual property of authors and cannot be used without a consent of them.

3. Ethical responsibilities of the Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the journal “Ekonomika APK” provides fair assessment of submitted articles. It is also responsible for quality of materials published in the journal, for which their selection and external and internal review of all materials submitted to publication are conducted. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject or return for a revision articles if they do not correspond to the profile, do not meet the requirements of the journal, or authors violated these ethical norms. In the case of returning an article to an author, he is obliged to finalize an article in accordance with the comments of the Editorial Board or recall an article.

The Editorial Board examines all manuscripts impartially, evaluating each regardless of racial, religious, or national affiliation, as well as work place or an author’s position. Members of the Editorial Board should respect an intellectual independence of authors and ensure confidentiality of all materials related to an article before they are published.

The Editorial Board, in cooperation with reviewers, monitors cases of falsification, plagiarism and self-citing, multiple copies of such information in various articles, and false attribution of authorship.

The Editor-in-Chief of the journal, together with the Deputy Editors and the Responsible Secretary, coordinate work of the Editorial Board and reviewers. Responsible Secretary prevent conflict situations between authors, members of the Editorial Board, and reviewers.

4. Ethical obligations of the authors

Researches published in the journal “Ekonomila APK” should be carried out in accordance with the current legislation and ethical norms of scientific activity. The main responsibility of an author lies in submitting an accurate report on his research, as well as participating in an objective discussion on its significance. An author bears full responsibility for content of an article. Authors must be sure that they have prepared an original work that has a scientific novelty for agrarian economic science, and presented article has never been published before in Ukraine and abroad. All authors of the journal “Ekonomika APK” should observe ethical norms of the Journal, reviewing and publishing rules.

Co-authors of a publication can be all persons who have made a significant scientific contribution to a submitted work and share responsibility for its results.

Plagiarism is unacceptable in submitted articles. All borrowed information (parts of text, figures, tables, formulas) must be properly cited and referenced. Authors should make references to used sources according to the international bibliographic standard APA.

To ensure a high level of understanding and avoidance of cases of misinterpretation by scholars and other readers of publications, authors must provide a required level of English in a text of articles and their annotations.

After submission of an article to a publication, authors must communicate with the Responsible Secretary of the Journal at all stages of a review and preparation of articles for publication.